Steampunk Character

When concepting for my steampunk character I knew that I wanted to go back to what I love drawing the most, cartoonist animals. I took inspiration from the mouse out of Alice in Wonderland and the many iconic steampunk designs already out there on the web which include pieces such as the top hat, googles, weapons, etc. First I simply sketched the ideas out in Photoshop, a rough outline of what I wanted him to look like as well as the accessories that he would have, such as a pocket watch of cheese for him to nibble on when he's hungry.

Next I got a basic colour palette from including complimentary colours that I thought would look good on my mouse character and painted him, shading where appropriate. I also added a CPU board into his top hat and turned his tail to look more like an antenna, because it's these robotics inside of him that make him an intelligent mouse, which adds to his unique character.

After this I then added light onto the character using the dodge tool to make him look more 3D and overlaid a fur texture onto his body to make him look more realistic. Looking back now though, I'm not sure if this adds to the definition of the character or if it's a bit too much.

You can watch how I coloured in this little fella by watching my Photoshop drawing timelapse video on YouTube:

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