Painting over 3D model - Spaceship

This is classwork where we painted over a simple 3D model. This was extremely simply made, by choosing a texture that we thought fit the model, transitioning it to fit where we wanted it to and skewing it to the shape of the model and then cutting it to fit over the top.

Concept Art - Underwater Creature

This was class work where we had to concept our own, unique underwater creature. I looked for images of fish tails and tortoises to form this creature which appears to be a splice between the two. I created this simply by sketching the outline of the creature first and then quickly colouring him in on a separate layer, adding shading and small patterns over the top.

Speed Painting

Speed painting is a very useful technique to master. It's very easy to get carried away with the details when drawing but when you need to concept an idea quickly this simply won't do. Working with multiple layers, working from the background to the foreground, and using tools such as gradients and the dodge tool for highlights, it's very easy to quickly draw a painted simple scene or character for concept purposes which can then be later developed into a more detailed version.

Elf and Dwarf (Height Difference)

Sketching an elf and a dawrf side by side gives a good perspective of each of the characters sizes and body shapes.

As for the elf on the left below: She is tall, slender and graceful, quite like the ones you might witness in Lord of the Rings. They're known for their air of grace and use of magic as well as their gentle and calm nature so I have drawn her with big, soft eyes and curved features. 

The dwarf on the right below is much shorter than the elf with blockier features and an overall more rough appearance. Dwarves are known for their short height but quick temper and manly features. Because of this I have drawn him a lot wider than the elf to show his muscled body. His features are more box-like and less curved like the elves.

Perspective room

For this task I created a room using 2 point perspective, finding the vanishing point off in the distance and then using the shift key and the directional lines on Photoshop to draw out where the edges of the room would be.

I then drew in perspective a sci-fi themed room complete with a desk and chair, door, monitor and controls and even a humanoid figure being grown in a tube-of-some-sort. When drawing this I had to keep in mind the perspective points and make sure that it all lined up correctly.

Tentacle monster

When thinking about a tentacle monster I originally thought of drawing a squid-like creature but then started to wonder if I could come up with a character that had a bit more personality to it. I then thought of Medusa, with snaked in her hair and wondered if I could use the image of a beautiful woman but turn her into a terrifying tentacle monster, concealed to her victims by her overwhelming beauty.

That's when I cam across the artist, Bobby Chiu, in particular one of his drawings that show a monster confusing it's prey by making them think that it was one of them.

This helped finalise the concept behind my tentacle monster as I came up with a tentacle monster who hides behind the shield of a beautiful woman to lure men away from safety... It's skin can adapt to different colours so that it's tentacles can appear to be parts of the woman's body around the shield and the body behind the shield can blend in with the dark surroundings. I wanted it's belly to be quite plump to show that it gets it's fill! I overlaid a crinkled texture over the skin colour of the tentacle creature to make it look more 'alien'.

Lava Monster

When concepting the idea for my lava monster I decided to step away from my normally cutesy and cartoonistic art style and go for a darker, more menacing-looking creature. I took inspiration from many rock monster designs where the lava would spill from the crevices in their stoned bodies as they stare fiercely towards the viewer, ready to attack! I love how vibrant the tone differences are from the dull stone bodies and the bright lava seeping through the cracks.

I'm quite happy with my end design and feel it nicely depicts the terror-stricken monster that I wanted to create with it's piercing eyes and, long horns and jagged stone body. 

Futuristic Weapon

When concepting my idea for the futuristic weapon I looked at many different guns but always fell back to the iconic cartoon-style alien gun. I quite like drawing to have a personality of their own, even if they are just inanimate objects so I think this is why I preferred to draw a gun with more character.

The final drawing for the gun included a red lava inside the gun, some futuristic 'goop' that would be very lethal in the future! It runs from a small computer chip, visible through glass and has a small beam mounted on top for aiming precision.

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