Coma - Walkthrough Game Map and Interactions


Above is a rough sketch of the layout and main interactions that will happen within my walkthrough game, Coma. I want the game environment to seem open and vast, but with the player being restricted to  path and between fences off areas. When the player descends down below the well the environment will be small and claustrophobic so as to unsettle the player, darkness will surround them as well to increase the tension felt within the game. 

The main interactions within the game will be:
  • When the player wakes up in a cramped cottage and exits through the door to find the cobbled path leading them through a small village outside lined with speakers.
  • When the player noticed the well and hears the cries for help below, interacting with it will tell the player that the well is boarded up and they need to find something to break to boards.
  • A little further down the path they will find the chopped up logs and be able to interact with the axe, holding it within their hand (this should be visible within the first person camera view).
  • They then get to use the axe with the well and descend into the dark, cave-like place below to follow the cries for help.
  • The last interaction is when they find the old record player and press the interaction button to make the record stop spinning, causing them to be surrounded by darkness apart from the words "Wake Up" appearing on the cave wall.

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