Characterised Tree - Street Scene


I wanted to create a scene that resembled an illustrated style of old children's books that might bring back nostalgia in people when viewing the picture. Because of this I didn't want to add too many textures or in depth detail to keep it looking a bit more cartoon-like.

I also wanted it to be slightly eerie for the viewer so used John Kenn Mortensen as inspiration to keep a more sketched look to the style of the overall drawing.
One of John Kenn Mortensen's drawings
The tree was to go into this overall scene of a 'haunted street', made to be drawn in an illustrative style that would suit well for a creepy ghost story for a children's book. I tried to keep myinspiration of the sketch style throughout the image by adding cross hatching to the darkest parts of the house in the middle as well as the trees and fence.

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