Cuppa Team - Building a Team Game (The Set Up)


For the second assignment of the Gameplay and Interactive unit I teamed up with a group of 5 overall (including me) to develop our very first 2D game.

My initial thoughts were that we all had to agree upon a game that we were equally excited about. I believe this is very important in teamwork because, it needs to feel like the whole teams game, not just one person. With this in mind, we also needed a system that allowed us to be able to work together easily, sharing files with one another and being able to communicate well at all times.

For this we instantly set up a facebook chat where we could communicate how we were getting on and when our meetings would be.

I also set up a Google Drive folder for us all to easily contribute our own certain assets, create a spreadsheet of who was doing what for the game, write a long document on what the game would involve and of course hold all of the Unity files for the game itself. This made it very easy for us to upload extra content from wherever we were, be it in class or within our bedrooms and ultimately saved us a lot of time as it also worked as a back up for our game if things ever went majorly wrong.

Spreadsheet of jobs (

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