Cuppa Team - Compromising to Meet Deadlines


At the beginning of this process my team and I had many grand ideas for this game: jumping through wormholes to unveil another time-dimension, included an animated narrative at the beginning of the game, allowing the player a choice in what ship they wanted to choose and much, MUCH more!

But unfortunately we only had 8 weeks to complete this game and to reach this deadline we had to make plenty of compromises!

One of these compromises was a health code that my team mat Sam Loader and I were trying to implement within the last couple of weeks. We attempted many different ways, looking at YouTube for tutorials and Unity forums for help. 
However we just didn't have enough time to debug why it was throwing errors and ultimately had to get scrapped. We had already set up a GUI element for the Health status as we wanted it to go down in percentages on the bottom left hand side of the screen but had to later delete this and the code entirely to have a clean build.

We also realised that, with this unit as well as our other two units, Visual Design and 3D modelling, we didn't have as much time as we had originally anticipated to create all of the assets that would have been needed for the alternate time-dimension, as we would have had to make a duplicate of every one asset. So instead we scrapped that idea entirely and left the game as a simple space shooter.

Overall, the game wasn't what we had originally anticipated at all but it's better to have a simple and completed game than an overly complex one full of bugs and lag. That is not a very good experience for the user at all!

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