Photoshop Animation for 'Projection Mapping'


Taking my original learning of Photoshop animation I used it to create a 'projection map' of animations happening over the top of real-world objects so that it looked as though the animation was actually interacting with what it was being projected onto.

First of all I played around with drawing directly onto a subject and seeing how it could alter the look of the real-world model:

Then I took a picture of a real-world model that I knew would stay perfectly still and used that image as a reference to create my photoshop animation over the top of using the animation timeline. From this I was then able to line up the projection with my animation easily and play the animation over the object, having it appear as through the animation was interacting with it:
A beating heart gif that I drew, animated and projected onto myself
Picture that I took for reference of the animation in the video below

See the projection mapped animation over on YouTube:

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