Cuppa Team - Developing the Game (Art)


As our game was a 2.5D one we had to have 3D modelled assets. For those who were modelling these assets they needed our original space ship concepts turned into model reference sheets for them to work from so they could create something that we all are agreed upon. Model reference sheets are basically just the ship from 3 main angles: top, side and front.

Here is my model sheet for the alien enemy ship:

I also included the colour scheme that I was using in reference to when I created this to give the modeller something to work with. This was not, however, the final texture that we decided upon. From this model sheet though the 3D modeller was then able to create a brilliant model (Sam Loader):

As well as this I also helped out with the concept art, drawing some asteroids as well as creating the space sky background for the game:

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